Metabolic Detoxification

Dr. Floyd’s 40 Day Detox Program

detoxification informationMost degenerative conditions have their origin in the malfunction of the digestive and liver detoxification processes. In other words, illness can be directly related to problems of the digestive and liver detoxification systems and their related influence on immune, nervous and endocrine function.

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Heavy Metal/Radiation Detox

body sculptingAs many as 25 percent of Americans are estimated to suffer from some degree of heavy metal poisoning , particularly from mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, and arsenic. We are also exposed to a significant amount of radiation and increasing viral attacks.

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Oral Chelation

oral chelationChelation therapy is widely used for the treatment of atherosclerosis and other chronic degenerative diseases involving the circulatory system. Chelation halts the bad effects and initiates the body’s healing process, often reversing the damage.

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Candida Program

Candida ProgramCandida Albicans is a naturally occurring yeast that is present in all our bodies and it is supposed to be there in balance with many other microorganisms.  The problem begins when several factors in our lifestyle cause the Candida to grow in outstanding numbers and it overtakes all the other healthy microorganisms.

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Far Infrared Sauna

saunaInfrared energy directly penetrates the body’s tissues to a depth of over 1.5″. Its energy output is tuned to correspond very closely to the body’s own radiant energy that our bodies absorb as much as 93% of the infrared waves that reach our skin.

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